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Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery

World-Class Medicine with Five-Star Service in South San Antonio

Plastic surgery – whether done for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes – is personal. And no one understands that better than the board certified plastic surgeons at Southwest General Hospital, located in South San Antonio.

At Southwest General Hospital, you receive more than excellent medical care. You receive an entire patient experience that’s designed to maximize your comfort and long-term goals. Learn more about cosmetic, reconstructive, and post-weight loss surgery below. At the end of each section, you can click for more in-depth information about various types of surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery

With advancements in surgical technologies, many cosmetic procedures can be performed in the outpatient setting. This makes cosmetic surgery more affordable and convenient than ever before. The board certified plastic surgeons at Southwest General Hospital offer dozens of cosmetic surgeries for men and women, including breast augmentation, liposuction, facelifts, and more.

As cosmetic surgery technologies become more advanced and more affordable, an increasing number of people are deciding to take control of their appearance. For some, cosmetic surgery affords the opportunity to get rid of a little excess weight in the form of skin. For others, a procedure can cover wounds and scars from past operations or skin cancer treatments.

The Southwest General Hospital Difference

Cosmetic surgeries are very personal procedures that blend science, art, psychology, and technology. This is why patients at Southwest General Hospital meet with their plastic surgeon in a one-on-one environment. Your requests and concerns, as a patient, can be taken directly to your surgeon – not rerouted through a nurse or practice administrator. By having full access to your surgeon, you can be more confident about achieving the final look that you want. Take a look at a few of the procedures offered below. (Note: This is not a comprehensive list. Additional procedures or hybrid procedures may be available.)


  • Breast augmentation, reduction and lift (mastopexy)
  • Breast lift
  • Breast reduction
  • Breast reconstruction
  • Nipples
  • Breast repair
  • Male breast reduction (gynecomastia)



  • Brow lift
  • Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)
  • Face lift (rhytidectomy)
  • Nose surgery (rhinoplasty)
  • Neck lift
  • Skin cancer treatment
  • Ears (otoplasty) 


  • Facial fillers
  • Fat injections
  • Botox and Dysport
  • Lip enhancement

Are You Ready to Talk to a Surgeon?

If you’re ready to take the next step, call to schedule your consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon. This is your opportunity to ask any and all questions you may have about plastic surgery. Simply call 1-877-215-WELL today.

Reconstructive Surgery

Cancer and trauma survivors face a two-fold challenge. First comes the trial of recovery – then the trial of learning to live a new life with scars and wounds left behind. At Southwest General Hospital, physicians use reconstructive surgery as a tool that restores both physical appearance as well as inner-confidence.

Reconstructive surgery is available for skin cancer survivors (especially common here in San Antonio), breast cancer patients and survivors, and patients who have advanced wounds, burns, facial fractures, and clefts.

The final test results have come in, and the verdict is good. You’ve defeated your cancer. After a brief sigh of relief, you’re already thinking about the next phase:But what about the scars? The wounds? The lost tissue?

The board certified plastic surgeons at Southwest General Hospital are here to help you along, every step of the way. Having treated hundreds of cancer survivors, burn survivors, patients with congenital defects, and advanced wounds, the reconstructive surgeons at Southwest General Hospital can help you look your absolute best.

Skin Cancer – One of San Antonio’s Biggest Dangers

In San Antonio, skin cancer is a serious health threat. While San Antonio has many excellent dermatologists and specialists, cosmetic treatment of the affected area requires a different approach. Once the lumps and bumps of skin cancer have been removed, it takes the skilled hand of a cosmetic surgeon to smooth over these wounds. If the wounds are in highly visible areas, such as the face, then the need for quality post-cancer reconstruction is especially great.

Post-Breast Cancer Reconstruction Surgery

In order to fully treat breast cancer, many women have to undergo a mastectomy (removal of one or more breasts). Choosing a board certified surgeon at Southwest General Hospital may improve your chances of getting the full look that you want.

If you have already had a mastectomy and a successful treatment, you may wish to turn your attention to breast reconstruction with a plastic surgeon here in South San Antonio.

Other Reconstructive Surgeries (Hand, Clefts, Facial Fractures & More)

Other reasons for reconstructive surgery include:

  • Treatment of the hand, including rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and Dupuytren’s contracture.
  • Treatment of cleft lip and cleft palate, facial fractures, and other diseases and injuries
  • Reconstructive grafts for skin growths, diseases, and trauma
  • Treatment of advanced wounds and burns

For more information about reconstructive surgery at Southwest General Hospital, call 1-877-215-WELL today. Additional services beyond those listed on this page may be available.

Post-Bariatric Surgery (Body Contouring)

Many patients who have achieved significant weight loss (through surgical or non-surgical means) feel like they’ve hit a plateau after several months. The truth is, once diet and exercise can no longer produce results, the real problem might be more than what nature’s capable of handling.

Over time, the skin loses its natural elasticity. No topical cream or injection can ever permanently restore this elasticity once it’s lost. And, in the case of patients with significant weight loss, surgery is the only method for tightening skin and smoothing the body’s contours.

Learn more about Post-Bariatric Plastic Surgery here in South San Antonio. On this page, you’ll have the opportunity to download a free, information-dense resource for patients in your situation: Post-Surgical Weight Loss: Your Guide to Body Contouring. This conversational guide will help answer your questions about plastic surgery after weight loss.

Have Additional Questions? Need to Speak With a Physician?

Now is the time to take control over your appearance. Call 1-877-215-WELLtoday for more information. Isn’t it time you fell in love with the way you look?

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