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$99 Heart Disease / Coronary Artery Disease Screenings

At Southwest General Hospital, your heart healthcare doesn’t have to start when you’re sick. Great healthcare can begin while you’re still in great shape. This approach may improve your quality of life and long-term heart health. One of the ways the staff at Southwest General Hospital can help you take charge in your health is through preventative screening. Interventional radiologists at Southwest General Hospital offer a special $99 calcium scoring scan, which may detect coronary artery disease, one of the leading factors behind heart disease.

What Is A Calcium Scoring Scan?

This test uses a special type of x-ray, known as computed tomography. You may have heard this procedure called a “CT scan.” CT scans take multiple pictures (known as “slices”) of the heart and nearby coronary arteries. These cross-sections of the heart can be combined to create a detailed image that may reveal the contents of your coronary arteries, which supply the heart muscle with blood.

If your coronary arteries have calcium deposits built up within the arterial walls, then you may have coronary artery disease. A CT scan – when used in this way – may detect calcium buildup. If the blockage is severe enough, you may see a cardiologist for diagnosis and treatment. If your test results indicate little to no calcium buildup, then you may have the peace of mind knowing that your coronary arteries are in good health. Either way, you get to take an active role inyour healthcare by being informed about your heart health!

San Antonio Heart Care in Your Neighborhood

To schedule your coronary calcium screening at Southwest General Hospital, call1-877-215-WELL today. No physician referral is required. $99 pricing is for a limited time only. Your health is too important to pass up this screening.

Heart Care

Heart Care
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